What Is Mirrorless Digital Camera – Micro Four Thirds System

What Is Mirrorless Digital Camera - Lumix GF2

Mirrorless digital camera is a compact digital camera with interchangeable lens similar to that of DSLR. Since its first introduction mirrorless camera had slowly gained followers. Most notably amateur photographers and enthusiasts who wants to upgrade from a point and shoot type camera. To an interchangeable lens camera system besides DSLR’s. The early setback of …

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A Black Bird Chasing Man on the Street

I wanted to document this encounter that happened last week when my wife, my daughter, and I were walking going to the park. We noticed ahead that one guy was being harassed by a black bird alongside a busy road… it’s my first time seeing a small bird chasing a man! As we approached the …

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My own Bird watching Diary

Bird watching Diary

About the Author – My own Bird Watching Diary Hi! I’m Ronnie Medialdea, a photography and bird enthusiast. I’m trying to document every bird I encounter using my mirrorless camera. Hence, I will be constantly updating this page every time I have captured new and different species of birds! “Birdwatchers take joy in not only …

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The Latest Panasonic Lumix Camera

Latest Panasonic Lumix Camera - Lumix GX-9

Disclaimer: The featured image is not the latest Lumix Mirrorless Camera. This is Lumix GX-9 the newest addition in My Mirrorless Cameras gears. We also have the Panasonic Lumix GF2, our very first mirrorless camera. Well, I guess Panasonic was true to their promise that they will not abandon the Micro Four Thirds system. Instead, …

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