Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival (My first real experience after 33years)

Kalibo Ati-atihan festival

The Kalibo Ati-atihan festival is a yearly celebration in honor of the Kalibo patron, the Santo Niño! It is celebrated with an array of elaborate costumes and street dancing to the rhythm and beat of the drums and lyres. This story has been long overdue… Nevertheless, now is the time for me to write down …

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A Black Bird Chasing Man on the Street

I wanted to document this encounter that happened last week when my wife, my daughter, and I were walking going to the park. We noticed ahead that one guy was being harassed by a black bird alongside a busy road… it’s my first time seeing a small bird chasing a man! As we approached the …

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Ron’s Personal Bird watching Diary

Bird watching Diary

About the Author – Ron’s Personal Bird watching Diary Hi! I’m Ronnie Medialdea, a photography and bird enthusiast. I’m trying to document every bird I encounter using my mirrorless camera. Hence, I will be constantly updating this page every time I have captured new and different species of birds! “Birdwatchers take joy in not only …

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Upgrading to a New Mirrorless Camera

Upgrading to New Mirrorless Camera - Nikon Z50

As I have told in my first story, I usually send pictures to my brother (Rowe) to get his comments about my shots. He is quite impressed on my progress in a short period of time. To tell you frankly, something has awakened inside me. It always feels good to be appreciated. I want him …

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How To Learn Basic Photography on Your Own (Part 3)

How to learn basic photography - part3

I hope that you have learned something from Part 1 and Part 2 of this series of articles on how to learn basic photography on your own. Now, let’s take on ISO for Part 3. This will also complete the three major elements that consist to have proper exposure of a photograph. Before we jump …

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How To Learn Basic Photography On Your Own (Part 2)

How to learn basic photography on your own - aperture priority

This is a continuation of Part 1 that I have started about how to learn basic photography on your own. Like most beginners or enthusiast who only wants to learn photography as a hobby, learning photograhy on your own is the most economical way. Yes, it may take some time to understand the complexity of …

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How To Learn Basic Photography On Your Own (Part 1)

How to learn basic photography on your own - shutter speed priority

My passion for photography started when film cameras were still popular. And my fascination grew further when digital cameras became the future of photography that ultimately replaced film cameras. In this article, I will be sharing how to learn basic photography on your own, or let me put it this way- how did I learn …

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How Did “My Mirrorless Cameras” Came To Life

How Did My Mirrorless Camera Came To Life - passion led us here

MyMirrorlessCameras.com came into existence on Sept. 7, 2021, made possible because of our passion! The year 2021 was a tough year for me as I had to quit my job to focus on my daughter and also to check on my health. Despite the not-so-good circumstances that are happening around me. I was able to …

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Photography Is My Passion – Why I Love Photography

Let me introduce myself first, I’m Ronnie, 54 years old married with one son. I usually use cellphone camera in taking pictures whenever we travel because it’s easy and convenient. How I Came To Know And Enjoy Photography Using My Mirrorless Camera? During lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic last year March 2020, most of my …

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I Love Camera – My Mirrorless Cameras

First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rowe, I’m 51 years of age and married with one amazing daughter. I am currently residing in China because of my work and my own family. I love cameras. At a young age, I can’t help but admire someone who owns a camera. I …

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