Sony Alpha A7III Review: Is Sony A7III a Good Buy?

Photo of Sony Alpha A7III body

The Sony Alpha A7III is considered a good choice if you are looking for your first full-frame mirrorless camera! It may be an old model, but with its advanced specs, it’s a popular choice for hobbyists and will remain popular even for a long time. In my case, I was redirected to this model because …

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What is the latest Sony A7 Mirrorless Camera?

What is the latest Sony A7

Let’s have a look on what is the latest Sony A7 camera that is currently available in the market! It’s been nine years since Sony first launched A7 as its first full-frame mirrorless camera in 2013. And about four years since the last version of A7 was released in 2018. Join me as I walk …

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How Many Years Will A Mirrorless Camera Last? (Revealed)

How Many Years Will A Mirrorless Camera Last

Today I will be discussing how many years will a mirrorless camera last. Mirrorless cameras are built with high precision components and are expected to last long. As a beginner, having your first ever mirrorless camera was a dream come true. But you’ll soon start thinking if you made the right choice and how long …

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Why Do Mirrorless Cameras Make Noise (Revealed)

Why do Mirrorless Cameras make noise

As a beginner, you might be wondering why do mirrorless cameras make noise. Isn’t that mirrorless cameras should be silent? We are aware that DSLRs have a mirror or prism that causes a loud clanking sound when shooting. Which in effect, you have no control over it as it is part of DSLR design. While …

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Why Does A Mirrorless Camera Need A Shutter? (Explained)

Why Does a Mirrorless Camera Need a Shutter - Focal Plane Shutter

Today I will be discussing why does a mirrorless camera need a shutter. And as a beginner, you might have wondered and heard about mechanical shutters and electronic shutters. Also known as a shutter curtain, a mechanical shutter is still widely utilized in mirrorless cameras. While in some newer mirrorless cameras… Both the mechanical shutter …

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What Is The Newest Nikon Mirrorless Camera (APS-C System)

What is the newest Nikon Mirrorless Camera

Today, I will be discussing what is the newest Nikon mirrorless camera that is under the APS-C system. Vlogging is an emerging and lucrative market… in my opinion. And more vloggers and content creators are turning to mirrorless cameras that are compact and lightweight as well as with streaming capabilities. Canon, Sony, and Panasonic have …

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New Canon APS-C Mirrorless Cameras (First In The “R” Lineup)

New Canon APS-C Mirrorless

The new Canon APS-C mirrorless camera for the EOS R lineup was first rumored in Q4 of last year. The news broke out around November last year when CanonRumors stated that a new RF mount for the APS-C system will be launched early this year. True enough… Two new models, the very first APS-C format …

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Why Is It Worth Buying Mirrorless Cameras (Reasons Explained)

Is It Worth Buying Mirrorless Cameras

If this question is raised ten years ago… the majority (if not all) would say NO, thank you. Fast forward and if the same question is asked now whether is it worth buying mirrorless cameras? I’m quite sure we’ll get a mixture of differing opinions. However, mirrorless cameras have come a long way after it …

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The Latest Panasonic Lumix Camera

Latest Panasonic Lumix Camera - Lumix GX-9

Disclaimer: The featured image is not the latest Lumix Mirrorless Camera. This is Lumix GX-9 the newest addition in My Mirrorless Cameras gears. We also have the Panasonic Lumix GF2, our very first mirrorless camera. Well, I guess Panasonic was true to their promise that they will not abandon the Micro Four Thirds system. Instead, …

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How To Choose The Best Mirrorless Camera For Night Photography

Best Mirrorless Camera for Night Photography - EOS M5 wide angle night shot

Is there really such a digital camera for night photography? What about best mirrorless camera for night photography for that matter? Does it exist? These are common questions that we often see or hear especially from beginners. In this article I will glance through some details relevant to capturing night scenes. I will try to …

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