The Best Mirrorless Camera Bag – For Best Full Protection

I have discussed in my other article and did emphasized that camera bag is a must have accessory. Camera bag is really important in order to protect your mirrorless camera especially if you are traveling. So are you looking for camera bag? In this column I will show you some of the best mirrorless camera bag that you can consider.

There’s a lot of options when buying a mirrorless camera. Some online sellers would include a whole bunch of accessories including camera bag and at a very competitive price. However, most of the time camera bag is not included when buying a mirrorless camera.

For beginners, getting all the needed items in one bundled purchase could be the best thing to ever happen. But for those who have experienced they would tend to buy the camera bag separately. Why? Because for all we know all add-ons normally got substandard quality and camera bag is no exception. Moreover, you have no other choice but to accept whatever design the free camera bag has.

Lets take for example the free bag for Lumix GF2 and my brother’s Nikon Z50 camera bag as shown in the below photo. It can be used sure no argument with that, but the Lumix free bag is really not that good. While Nikon Z50 free bag looks better but it is too small. Nikon Z50 comes with a 50-250mm zoom lens and another kit lens and it won’t fit.

Best Mirrorless Camera Bag - GF2 & Z50

Therefore, we still ended up buying another camera bag to house our mirrorless cameras. Now I have EOS M5 which I bought minus the bag (I have opted for an extra battery as a freebie instead). Then just use the camera bag that I bought for Lumix GF2 (which means that the Lumix GF2 mirrorless camera went back to its original case).

Best Mirrorless Camera Bag - newfeel

This is now the camera bag of my brother (image shown below). A nice sling bag that can hold his Nikon Z50 with zoom lens mounted plus the extra lens inside.

Best Mirrorless Camera Bag - Tamrac

Camera bag is an essenstial accessosry that anyone who owns a mirrorless camera should have. Choosing the right size is important but tricky. Make sure to buy the right size and design so that you can maximize your usage. Most designs now can be customized by adjusting the internal partitions to suit your own need.

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Best Mirrorless Camera Bag (Updated List)

# Overview Product Description Rating
1 Best Mirrorless Camera Bag - Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L (Black)Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L (Black)Best Overall
2 Best Mirrorless Camera Bag - Lowepro Passport Messenger BagLowepro Passport Messenger Bag – Grey/OrangeBest Affordable
3 Best Mirrorless Camera Bag - Tenba Skyline 13 MessengerTenba Skyline 13 Messenger – Black (637-613)Best Value

Why You Should Get Best Mirrorless Camera Bag

If you are travelling and needed the best camera bag to hold up your gears for photography.

And as I’ve mentioned earlier, camera bag is neccessary to protect your expensive gears. Isn’t it wise to enclosed your best mirrorless camera and best lenses inside the best mirrorless camera bag? It make sense right?

I guess it’s the best thing you can do to protect your best mirrorless camera gears and while traveling.

What To Look When Buying Mirrorless Camera Bags

Everyone has preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a mirrorless camera bags. But I want to offer my opinion on the most important things that the mirrorless camera bags should have.

Full Proof Protection

Main reason why you are buying the best mirrorless camera bags is to protect your expensive property. Therefore, it is but right to put this on top of the list when buying your camera bag.

Basically, all camera bag’s materials are weather proof. When you’re caught in the middle of the rain while shooting outdoors, your camera bag should be able and a reliable shelter to protect your camera from getting wet.

Moreover, camera bags will offer better cushioning with thicker paddings. And your gears will be better protected from accidental hit and bumps while traveling.

Camera Bag’s Size

This is one important aspect yet tricky when buying a camera bag. Always consider the size of the camera bag that you need that would best fit all your gears.

Comfort and Accessibility

Another important attributes to consider when buying a camera bag is the comfortability and accessibility while using it. Sling bags and or messenger type camera bags offers this functionality.

What’s the “accessibility” I’m referring about is for you to have convenient access to your gears while on the go. But make no mistake and make sure to always keep your camera bag zipped or locked. Don’t give those dirty hands have easy access to your expensive gears then run away with it.

Best Mirrorless Camera Bag Product Reviews

1. Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L Black (Best Overall)

Best Mirrorless Camera Bag - Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L (Black)

Key features: Weather proof material, have section for 13″laptop and or 11″ tablet, can load up to three lenses, internal slip pockets for small accessories.

BrandPeak Design
StyleSling bag
MaterialCanvas, Synthetic
ColorBlack (check also other colors)
Dimension (approx.)22 x 9.8 x 5.7 inches
> Excellent design with better quality (workmanship and materials)> Zipper flaw, caused water to enter compartment
> Versatile (can load up to 3 lenses, have section for 13″laptop/11″tablet, easy customization of partition)> Strap hinge squeaking noise (after long use)
> Convenient accessibility (can change lens on the go)> Shoulder strap a little bit thin

2. Lowepro Passport Messenger Bag – Grey/Orange (Best Affordable)

Best Mirrorless Camera Bag - Lowepro Passport Messenger Bag

Key features: Impact resistant, separate section for 13″ laptop or tablet, Nylon fabric material (nylon have properties to resist water), some room for extra lens and other small accessories, removable padded inserts can be adjusted to suit your need.

StyleSling/Messenger bag
Dimension (approx.)6.5 x 15.16 x 11.34 inches
> Great bag, offers flexibility, practical bag on the go> Bottom side less padded
> More space to hold gears and accessories> Lacking of easily accessible zipped compartment where you could put wallet and or mobile phone
> Perfect blend of value, utility and functional simplicity

3. Tenba Skyline 13 Messenger – Black 637-613 (Best Value)

Best Mirrorless Camera Bag - Tenba Skyline 13 Messenger

Key features: Protects from accidental impact, weather resistant, rear trolley strap enables you to slide it into the extended handle of a rolling luggage, can load up to five lenses, a section for 13″ laptop, reinforced stitching to ensure long term durability.

StyleSling/Messenger bag
MaterialWater-repellant 600D fabric
Dimension (approx.)5.91 x 16.93 x 11.42 inches
> Prime example of quality
> Light and sturdy
> Great space, features durability

Best Mirrorless Camera Bag FAQ’s

Can it fit a 15″ 2018 Macbook Pro?

No. All three camera bags listed can only hold up to 13″ laptop/Macbook.

For Peak Design Camear Bag, is it V1 or V2? And what are the difference for 10L?

This is V1, the difference are the zippers and aesthetic. The capacity are still the same 10L.


So that concludes our list of some of the best mirrorless camera bag on the market today. For travellers who are looking for the right camera bag to carry your photography gears along with you, the above list could be the perfect choice.

Personally, I still don’t need a bigger camera bag but I will once I’ve decided to get a super telephoto lens for my EOS M5. Or which ever comes first, the additional lens for EOS M5 or the full-frame mirrorless camera that I’m targeting to have.

There you have it folks, once again thank you for reading. If you find this article helpful or you have some questions please leave a comment. I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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