Telephoto Zoom Lens: Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Review

Sigma 150-600mm contemporary review

As I get entrenched in photographing birds, I have considered owning a 600mm lens. My brother even wrote an article detailing what is the Best Nikon Mirrorless Camera Lens for Birding. As I was considering other options, I stumbled upon a promo from the local camera shop where I purchased my Nikon Z50. The offer …

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Nikon FTZ II Adapter Review

Nikon FTZ ii adapter review

So, I have finally received the much-awaited FTZ adapter that I have ordered for my Nikon Z50 that will be paired with the new telephoto lens Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG. And much to my surprise, I have been provided a Nikon FTZ II adapter instead. Nonetheless, it is a welcome development knowing that the functionality …

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Ron’s Personal Bird watching Diary

Bird watching Diary

About the Author – Ron’s Personal Bird watching Diary Hi! I’m Ronnie Medialdea, a photography and bird enthusiast. I’m trying to document every bird I encounter using my mirrorless camera. Hence, I will be constantly updating this page every time I have captured new and different species of birds! “Birdwatchers take joy in not only …

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Upgrading to a New Mirrorless Camera

Upgrading to New Mirrorless Camera - Nikon Z50

As I have told in my first story, I usually send pictures to my brother (Rowe) to get his comments about my shots. He is quite impressed on my progress in a short period of time. To tell you frankly, something has awakened inside me. It always feels good to be appreciated. I want him …

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Photography Is My Passion – Why I Love Photography

Let me introduce myself first, I’m Ronnie, 54 years old married with one son. I usually use cellphone camera in taking pictures whenever we travel because it’s easy and convenient. How I Came To Know And Enjoy Photography Using My Mirrorless Camera? During lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic last year March 2020, most of my …

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