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Me during a 2019 festival in my hometown

First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rowe, I’m 51 years of age and married with one amazing daughter. I am currently residing in China because of my work and own family. I love camera. At a young age I can’t help but admire someone who owns a camera. I would tell myself why they are so lucky to have such a wonderful piece of device. It’s not envy on my part, its just that wow moment when I see something very unique and new to me that I can only dream about.

I grew up in rural area wherein the means of livehood are mostly farming. There I completed my primary and high school studies. My father would then send me to the city to live with my brothers so I can attend and finished college. They’re the ones who also helped me with my school expenses.

I got my first film camera when I was in my early 20’s. That came after many years of hardwork and my dream of having my own camera became a reality.

When the WorldWideWeb (internet) became a global sensation in 1990’s, so basically I also started gaining interest. And while browsing through the internet I am always amazed to see stunning photos. And my passion in photography has never been the same. Once I got the chance, I’d always want to capture moments and for that reason camera is more than necessary.

My First Ever Film Camera

Back in the olden days of film camera, I have always wanted to own one. I couldn’t ask my parents for that though as we’re not a well-off family. They might just give me a stick on my butt for asking about it.

I had to wait until I had finished my studies, landed a job and worked hard to get my dream camera. And as the saying goes, when you dream of something and work hard for it- you will get it!

Truthfully, I was able to purchase my first ever film camera Pentax ESPIO 115M and was ecstatic because at last I have my own camera. Currently though it’s just sleeping inside my drawer. All of us have witnessed what happened to film cameras. They might not be totally extinct but they are now a history to say the least.

The Birth of Digital Cameras

As technology advances so as the cameras! Lo and behold, here comes the new talk of the digital age- the digital cameras. Prior to owning the two tiny point and shoot cameras below, I did have owned my first digital camera a Lumix brand.

At present, I am keeping two point and shoot cameras which I got from a closing out shop. They’re selling everything clearing all their items. I happened to spot a Samsung point and shoot camera and I purchased one not knowing its a buy one take one deal, so I immediately grabbed them… one for myself and one for my daughter!

On to The Next Level

Eventually, it came to a point that I need to upgrade to a camera with interchangeable lens. My main reason of upgrading is to experience what the professionals and camera enthusiasts called “control over your camera”.

As I navigate through the internet to find the best camera for beginners, I observed that DSLR cameras are so popular. But also there are those MIRRORLESS CAMERAS that looks smaller and are really nice.

That being the case, I had difficulty choosing between DSLR’s and MIRRORLESS CAMERAS. After doing my own research and asking for some advise, in the end I’ve decided to go with MIRRORLESS CAMERAS because it fits my need and budget- cheaper and not bulky!

Mirrorless camera are compact and much lighter besides it’s also cheaper. My first mirrorless camera was Panasonic Lumix GF2 which became my constant partner everytime I’m on the road as I travel frequently due to the nature of my work. It’s been my companion for several years before I upgraded to suit my present need!

The Upgrade

As I find changing lenses from prime lens to zoom lens is a tedious work for me, I finally decided to upgrade to a one lens mirrorless camera that can cover both wide-angle and telephoto photography!

Based on my research, I found Canon as one of the  top mirrorless camera brand when comes to image quality. With the price that fits my budget and features (especially the kit lens) that suits my current need, so I finally purchased EOS M5 as a personal gift for myself.

Still A Mirrorless Camera Lover!

Every time my daughter have an on-stage performances, my EOS M5 mirrorless camera is always ready to capture those moments. It even replaces my video camcorder as the video captures from mirrorless camera have the same or even much higher resolution than the old camcorders.

This is why I’m still loving my EOS M5 and my decision to purchase a MIRRORLESS CAMERA was worth it!

Thats about it, why I love camera-my mirrorless cameras for that matter!

I would like to hear from you, please share some of your thoughts on your own experience with your mirrorless camera by leaving a comment. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “I Love Camera – My Mirrorless Cameras”

  1. You really are into camera.
    I have Nikon D5000 i think,never touch it anymore since there’ s mobile that can easily capture.
    Go with your passion.
    Dream big and happy for you

    • Thanks Imee for reading and for your comment.
      Nikon D5000 is a good entry level DSLR only a bit bulky.
      Anyways, you should utilize it. It’s still better than your mobile phone’s camera.

      You might want to read my article about dedicated camera vs phone camera.


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